Escape a Negative Situation With Trusted Legal Help

Escape a Negative Situation With Trusted Legal Help

Discuss your case with an assault lawyer in Kennewick, WA

Heated, contentious debates are prone to arise after a divorce. Tensions are high and sometimes even children are involved. If your situation is getting out of hand then you may need to consult a lawyer to help you file for a no contact order before matters worsen. If you are the accused of domestic assault or have had a no contact order filed against you, then you too may need legal consult. No matter which side of the fence you're on Mr. Betancourt is an experienced lawyer who can help you navigate your case.

We understand going through these situations are hard on everyone involved. Don't suffer through a domestic assault case alone. You can trust Betancourt Law to get you and your children out of a hostile environment.

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Attorney Betancourt will stand by you during this difficult time

As a trained assault lawyer, Mr. Betancourt can represent assault victims and those who've been accused of assault. He'll work hard to persuade the court to order:

  • The accused not to contact you
  • A child custody or support arrangement
  • A suitable housing location
  • Possession of certain assets
  • The accused to get counseling
  • The police to help evict your abuser

Attorney Betancourt also deals with no contact order violations. Call Betancourt Law today for sound advice from a practiced domestic violence lawyer.